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Many folks start the year with a resolution to exercise. Joining a gym is often at the top of their list because gyms usually offer a wide range of workout equipment and classes. That means there will be plenty of good choices when it comes to finding exercise routines that are a good fit. But it’s important to know that each gym is unique. YMCA of the Suncoast offers these tips for finding the one that will help you stick to your resolution for a healthier 2019.

Personalized Approach:
If you’d like your new gym to help you develop a balanced workout plan, you’ll want to make sure it has a solid, personalized approach to getting to know you and your needs. This likely will include personal training options and a new member orientation to teach you how to use the equipment properly. Also, the facility should be able to help you set goals, benchmark your starting point, and set up periodic check-ins so you can monitor your progress and celebrate when you reach new milestones.

Hard Push:
For those looking for a challenge, a gym with a tough, regimented boot camp program may be a good fit. Boot camp workouts focus on all muscle groups with plenty of cardio. They tend to be disciplined and motivating in their approach. Ask if your prospective gym’s program can be tailored to each participant’s existing fitness level to make sure you’ll feel comfortable with what’s required.  

Water Workouts:
Many people prefer to start new exercise regimens with low-impact options. If you fall into this category, consider a gym or outdoor pool with a full aquatic program. Good aquatic programs blend lap swims, water aerobics and other lower-impact activities in addition to offering swim classes.

Comfortable Surroundings:
Pay attention to the types of people who work out at any facility you’re considering. The more comfortable you are in the community, the more likely you’ll continue working out. The right gym for you may be one with rigorous workout plans and fitness-focused members, or you might prefer a more relaxed environment that caters to a diverse range of fitness profiles.

Fun and Different:
There are more than a few people who dread the thought of going to the gym. For these folks, the opportunity to take challenging group exercise classes that don’t feel like work might be the answer. If this describes you, consider options like Zumba, ballroom dancing or belly dancing.

Contact your favorite YMCA of the Suncoast branch to learn more about how we can help you reach your 2019 fitness goals.

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