Teen Leaders Club at the YMCA of the Suncoast is an annual, year-long Y-based service and leadership development program for teens ages 13-18. The purpose of the YMCA of the Suncoast Leaders Club is to provide teens with experience and training to influence college knowledge, academics, positive relationships, life skills, and positive identity.

This program is focused on overall wellness, character development, and service. The Leaders club program aims to foster a sense of belonging and achievement for all of those who are involved. Teens are paired with a YMCA adviser that serves in a positive mentor relationship to help guide and develop the teens and program.

Leaders shall strive to show that Caring, Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility are cornerstones of our actions.

The program’s objectives are to:

  • encourage a life-long spirit of service and volunteerism;
  • foster personal growth and character development;
  • enhance leadership skill development; and
  • help teens form positive relationships in a social club setting.

The club provides opportunities for the development of the spirit, mind and body. Leaders are held to a very high standard and should actively participate in:

  • Planning and executing YMCA events
  • Fundraising efforts
  • Physical fitness and education
  • Communication
  • Teaching and mentor relationships
  • Leadership and character development
  • Relationship building
  • YMCA philosophy and values
  • Volunteer Service (In the Y and community)
  • Weekly Meetings
  • Optional State-wide assemblies (Two yearly Rallies)


This program is available at select locations.

Through standards and assessments set, teens may also have the opportunity to attend Blue Ridge Leaders School in Black Mountain, North Carolina. Since 1922, this School has been focused on the division of Leaders (ages 13-18) who are active members of their local Leaders club. The purpose of Blue Ridge Leaders’ School is teen leadership development through YMCA health and physical education with profoundly structured standards of Behavior, Physical Participation, and Individual Performance.