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Before, During and After the Holidays

Ahh, the holidays, a wonderful time of year filled with hope, love, joy, and calories. Yay calories! Whether it’s the delicious pie recipe passed down from grandma, an office party or the peppermint latte that fuels each shopping trip, there’s no doubt that the season can wreak havoc on efforts to stay fit. To help you maintain the progress you made during the year, YMCA of the Suncoast offers a few tips for sustaining the big MO. That's momentum during the holidays.

Break it up: With all the time constraints of the season, it may feel like you can’t squeeze in an hour for exercise. So don’t. Instead, try to make time for short intervals (10, 15 or 20 minutes) a few times during the day. This can help you maintain momentum without as much stress because most of us can find 10 minutes here and there. Walk, run, or jog outside. Do push-ups and sit-ups, or lift a few weights with our personal trainers. Whatever you choose will help you keep fitness goals intact.

Team up: Many of us do better when we work out with a friend. So make a date to exercise with someone else during the next few weeks. When the time comes, you’ll be less likely to skip your workout because someone is relying on you. Don’t forget, you can meet at your local YMCA and take advantage of a parents’ night out so the kids will be well cared for while you break a sweat.

Set goals: One way to avoid getting sucked into the holi-daze is to set fitness goals. How much better will you feel—inside and out— when January is here and you’ve upped your speed on the stationary bike, increased your distance on the treadmill, or boosted the amount of weight you lift?

Take advantage of the holidays: Use the season to your advantage. See how many extra steps you can add to your day by cruising the malls or high-tailing it from the outer edge of extra-crowded parking lots. Or, take the family for an evening walk and enjoy the twinkling of holiday lights. Remember to bring water so everyone stays hydrated.

Keep calm: Stress can derail even the most entrenched exercise regime, so combat it with a yoga class. You’ll feel more relaxed while treating yourself to a mental, physical, and spiritual workout that will help you through to the New Year.

YMCA of the Suncoast wishes you a safe and happy holiday season.