Raising money for the Best Summer Ever!

Philanthropy Week 2017

Summer break for school-age students is 8 weeks this year in Pinellas County.  For many families finding quality care and supervision for their children is more than challenging, it is a financial burden. YMCA’s all across the country provide a safe, fun and educational summer for thousands of children each year and thanks to donations they are able to provide that experience regardless of their families ability to pay.

Those donations come from individuals and companies all the time and every once in a while they come from someone a little unexpected.  This type of unexpected donation arrived at the Greater Palm Harbor YMCA on Tuesday. 

After school on Tuesday, May 24, 2016, 9-year-old Steven Williams walked into the Greater Palm Harbor YMCA. He greeted a front desk worker with a smile, and handed her an envelope containing one hundred dollars in cash - money that would go towards sending an underprivileged child to summer camp at the YMCA.

stephen rc

The YMCA has an Annual Giving Campaign to support participation in their programs regardless of their ability to pay.  One of those programs is summer camp. Steven loves his experience at the Y and decided that he wanted to help another child have that same feeling. With a simple sign that read, “Please help me reach my goal of sending an underprivileged child to summer camp at the Palm Harbor YMCA,” support flooded the young boy. 

flower rc

For five dollars, Steven would happily hand over a handmade paper flower that took approximately 45 minutes to make. The flower contained seven sheets of paper for the petals, and a small embellishment in the center.
“I’m just happy that I could help,” he said - and thanks to Steven’s spirit and kindness, a child will have the opportunity to dream big and have the summer of a lifetime.

To help a child have the BEST SUMMER EVER in your community make a donation today.

For more information about summer camp, visit online or
call 727 467 9622.

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