Martial Arts

Y Martial Arts 

This program offers quality Y Martial Arts instruction for kids through adults. Classes are held in a controlled and safe environment and the challenge can be tailored to all levels of fitness or experience. The goal of Martial Arts at the Y is to use a particular discipline as a conduit for maintaining a healthy mind, body and spirit. Through strength training, stretching and technical practice students and hope to gain focus, strength, balance, and coordination as they work their way through the ranks to Black Belt. Try a class today!

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Karate at the Greater Palm Harbor Y

Students are lead through a class of exercises, stretches, Isshinryu Karate techniques, and practical self defense to encourage a confident yet humble demeanor. Younger students learn about self discipline, awareness, and to always honor their parents, and every day we play a fun game! Teens, adults and high ranking child students are also given the opportunity to practice forms, controlled sparring, and grappling

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Taekwondo at the Y

This sports is known as Korean Karate. It's the study of kicks and punches and it emphasizes the use of the feet for unarmed combat. Students learn basics, forms and three-step. Sparring is non-contact. Our Taekwondo program emphasizes safety and self-control. Students work with the teacher to progress at the pace that is right for them, because one of the tenets of this art form is that we learn throughout our lives, not according to fixed time periods. Students of all ages develop lasting strength and focus in a non-competitive, mutually respectful environment.

Training methods include sparring, traditional patterns, and practical self-defense techniques. New students can join any time and all ages and skill levels are welcome!

Taekwondo instills discipline, honor, self-control, respect, courtesy and perseverance. Students of all ages can apply the lessons learned to maintaining their personal safety.

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Tai Chi

This is a form of Chinese martial arts which is characterized by the grace and liquidity of its slow movement and deep breathing. It's been described as a form of meditation in motion.

If you're looking for a way to reduce stress, Tai Chi is an excellent class. The art was originally developed for self-defense; however, it has evolved into a graceful form of exercise that's now used for stress reduction and a variety of other health conditions.