Better Health for Grandma and Grandpa

January 23, 2018

It’s easy to forget that a healthy lifestyle is really a life-long goal. Eating right and exercising are habits that should carry on and adjust with age, so we maintain good health throughout our lifetime. But as we move to 50, 60 and beyond, what constitutes a healthy lifestyle may look just a little different. Here are some suggestions for helping seniors stay happy, fit and active.


January 08, 2018

YMCA of the Suncoast 2018 Wellness Challenge

YMCA of the Suncoast members it's time to form your team and step into this challenge — you can (literally!) walk this one off.

We Have Great Values!

January 02, 2018

Be a MVP in January

We have great values, and we value our members! To help our new January 2018 members get the most out of their YMCA of the Suncoast membership in addition to $0 join fee- the first 250 people to join will receive a YMCA Member Value Packet (MVP)! 

Reframe New Year’s Resolutions

January 02, 2018

Activate more than your core

There’s always a bit of a thrill in the promise of a new year that’s full of potential. The New Year is chance to start fresh and say goodbye to any of the frustrations the previous year held—a perfect opportunity to make resolutions that will help strengthen one’s spirit, mind and body.

January Member News

January 01, 2018

A Better Community Together

At the Y, we are about youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. In our January issue, you can learn more about how the Y is making it easier to stay connected and keep on track even when you are away from home with Nationwide Membership.

A Holiday Message from President/CEO G. Scott Goyer

December 22, 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dear YMCA Members: On behalf of the YMCA of the Suncoast, I want to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas, a joyous Holiday Season and Happy New Year. THANK YOU to our members and volunteers for being a member of our Y family.

Workout MO-Mentum

December 11, 2017

During the Holidays

Ahh, the holidays, a wonderful time of year filled with hope, love, joy, and calories. Yay calories! Whether it’s the delicious cake recipe passed down from grandma, an office party or the peppermint latte that fuels each shopping trip, there’s no doubt that the season can wreak havoc on efforts to stay fit. To help you maintain the progress you made during the year, YMCA of the Suncoast offers a few tips for sustaining the big MO. That's momentum during the holidays.

December Member News 2017

November 29, 2017

A Better Community Together

At the Y, we are about youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. In our December issue, you can learn more about how Y staff, volunteers and friends help people feel welcome and supported - for a better us.

Raising money for the Best Summer Ever!

November 27, 2017

Philanthropy Week 2017

Summer break for school-age students is 8 weeks this year in Pinellas County.  For many families finding quality care and supervision for their children is more than challenging, it is a financial burden. YMCA’s all across the country provide a safe, fun and educational summer for thousands of children each year and thanks to donations they are able to provide that experience regardless of their families ability to pay.

Those donations come from individuals and companies all the time and every once in a while they come from someone a little unexpected.  This type of unexpected donation arrived at the Greater Palm Harbor YMCA on Tuesday. 

Happy Thanksgiving

November 21, 2017

My Favorite Holiday by G. Scott Goyer (CEO and President)

​Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday of YMCA of the Suncoast's CEO and President, G. Scott Goyer. He shares that personal favorite with the staff and volunteers and added the reason why, "because it brings family together."​

north pinellas turkeyThanksgiving message from YMCA of the Suncoast CEO and President G. Scott Goyer:

The ​primary focus is on being thankful for all God has provided.
I am thankful for all of you who have given selflessly of your time, treasure and talent to strengthen our community​ through the YMCA. ​

And for those who can't give you thanks personally-

For the child who is closing their achievement gap.
For the single mom with two children on the autism spectrum finding her community through a Y summer camp.
For the cancer survivor finding camaraderie and health.
For the child in foster care and their foster parents who can play together at the Y For the pre-diabetic finding support.
For the working parent(s) who have a safe, nurturing environment for their children before and after school.
For the child who is now safe around waterFor the older adult who needs support and community.
For the teens discovering career options while being mentored.
For the health seeker finding a accepting place to learn to be healthier.
For the teen who has a place to belong that is value focused.
For the volunteer who wants to give back to share a talent or skill.
For the families with young children who are cared for while they stay healthy.
For the care givers and children of non-English speaking families that are better prepared for school.
For the teen learning leadership skills.
For the stewardship of contributed support.
For the youth playing a sport for the first time.
For the families of adults with disabilities finding their community.
For the countless other programs and services the YMCA provides.
For the 100,000 people who's lives are better because the Y is about "Us."

May the Lord be with you and your family this Thanksgiving.

Hear more thank you's from our Y team on our YouTube page!

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