Pinellas School Age Programs

YMCA's are dedicated to providing high-quality, affordable School Age programming. As the nation's largest provider of School Age programs, including Before and After School care, YMCAs provide family-centered, values-based programs to nurture children's healthy development.

Our well-trained staff provides safe, affordable, high-quality programs so you can have peace of mind while you work. School Age programming, like all YMCA programs, is open to all, with financial aid available. Staff members are partners with parents and other caregivers, working together to help kids grow up healthy, happy and strong.

The Summer Bridge program (June 17-July 24), through Pinellas County Schools is for eligible students who are currently in kindergarten through fourth grade. Children in the Elementary Summer Bridge Program will participate in engaging reading, math and science activities, which will help bridge their learning from one grade to the next.

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The YMCA provides safe, affordable and quality programs for children K-5 grade during the hours when there may be no supervision in the home. Children have the ability to engage in activities, which will benefit them emotionally and physically.

All YMCA programs are licensed through Pinellas County License Board and are contracted with Coordinated Child Care to provide subsidized care.
Programs open at 6:30 am and close at 6:00 pm.

The YMCA offers center based activities, homework time and after school enrichment programs. All children have the option of participating in different activities such as games, team building and arts/crafts.

YMCA has an Open Door Policy; Charitable contributions to the YMCA enable us to provide financial assistance on a sliding scale. We promise that everyone who qualifies will receive assistance to the greatest extent possible based on the availability of funds. School age programs are offered on school out days, during all holiday breaks as well as Summer Camp!

21st Century Middle School Program

21st Century Community Learning Center

The 21st Century Community Learning Center is a family-focused program, emphasizing values through quality programs to nurture and strengthen youth, families and the community. Our programs are designed to promote the healthy development of adolescents in a safe and supportive environment.

Homework help is offered to any participate that is in need. A certified teacher is available Monday through Friday for small group homework help in reading, math or science. Youth have an opportunity to enhance their academic experience and academic lessons on state-of-the art laptop computers.

The 21st Century Community Learning Center strives to help youth meet or exceed state standards in academics. The staff at Tarpon Springs Middle, Largo Middle and the YMCA of the Suncoast work closely together to determine the needs of the participants.

The program offers daily academic and enrichment clubs that provide meaningful, hands-on experiences for youth. These activities include:

  • Youth Advisory Councils
  • Homework completion & tutoring
  • Field Trips
  • Guest Speakers
  • Special Events
  • Special Interest Clubs

Download 21st Century Community Learning Centers Evaluation Report

Download 21st Century Community Learning Centers Formative Report

Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentoring Program

Your child can be matched with an approved mentor in the community who will be a friend and role model. We currently have "Bigs" in your area waiting to be matched with a child. Sign your student up for Big Brothers Big sisters today!

For more information, please call 727-467-9622.

Before and After School Care Sites

Anona Elementary
(727) 517-1676
License #C940780

Bauder Elementary
(727) 392-0411
License #C920269

Belcher Elementary
(727) 536-7935
License #C920313

Belleair Elementary
(727) 441-2166
License #C910265

Brooker Creek Elementary
(727) 939-2579
License #C974148

Curlew Creek Elementary
(727) 789-4718
License #C920272

Curtis Fundamental
(727) 451-2398
License #C910285

Cypress Woods Elementary
(727) 789-5543
License #C920279

Forest Lakes Elementary
(813) 855-3488
License #C950799

Frontier Elementary
(727) 531-6668
License #C953701

Fuguitt Elementary
(727) 518-6796
License #C910268

Greater Ridgecrest YMCA
(727) 584-7631
License #C040879

Highland Lakes Elementary
(727) 789-8230
License #C920302

High Point YMCA
(727) 532-1682
License #C970351

Clearwater Fundamental School
(727) 442-8296

Lake St. George Elementary
(727) 789-5815
License #C910273

James P. Gills Branch - Youth Activity Center(727) 372-8674
License #C06PA0003

YMCA Pinellas County School Age Programs services the below schools at the James P. Gills Youth Activity Center

Seven Springs Middle School
Seven Springs Elementary School Trinity Oaks Elementary School
Trinity Elementary School
Longleaf Elementary School
Odessa Elementary School
Cotee River Elementary School
Deer Park Elementary School

Largo Middle School
(727) 585-6935

Leila G. Davis Elementary
(727) 723-3312
License #910271

Oakhurst Elementary
(727) 596-4732
License #C910267

Oldsmar Elementary
(813) 891-1474
License #C930245

Orange Grove Elementary
(727) 320-0209
License #C910213

Ozona Elementary
(727) 786-0913
License #C950798

Plumb Elementary
(727) 461-5318
License #C920314

Safety Harbor Elementary
(727) 791-3968
License #C920276

Skycrest Elementary
(727) 449-9469
License #C920215

Starkey Elementary
(727) 320-0319
License #C920266

Sunset Hills Elementary
(727) 943-7870
License #C040881

Tarpon Springs Fundamental
(727) 937-8572
License #C000837

Tarpon Springs Elementary
(727) 943-7517
License #C920274

Tarpon Springs Middle
21st Century Community Learning Center
(727) 938-6904

*Bus transportation to the Greater Palm Harbor YMCA before and after care program services teens at the following two schools:
Carwise Middle School and Palm Harbor Middle School
Please call 727-787-9622 for details.

School Age Programs Information

For more information on YMCA School Age Programs, please contact:

YMCA of the Suncoast
Pinellas County School Age Programs
2469 Enterprise Road
Clearwater, FL 33763
Phone: (727) 467-9622
Fax: (727) 479-1587

Beth Gettig
School Age Program Executive
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Ray Long
Senior Program Director
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Jenny Crabtree
Senior Program Director
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Susan DeLeon
Senior Program Director
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Stephen Hutchinson
Senior Program Director
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